A relief heart :')

Salamun'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh! :)
Okay okay, im warning you this, maybe this time i want to 'berjiwang jiwang' xD haha, so im warning you if you dont like it, then don't read okay :) no harsh word

Okay, as some of you know that I have nothing to do with him right? Okay, I dont like to use the broke up word, because im very looking forward for us to be friends, but maybe not now.. Im just too afraid now.. Because.. Truth to be told, from the deep of my heart, I cannot forgive myself for leaving him just like that :'( hmm.. I had to.. I know he wont forgive me. I know he always needs someone to be with him and I know he is not strong enough. But im sorry, i had to.. Because of Allah, I dont want to commit more sins and because of mommy, I dont want to hurt her feelings anymore..

Well, dear.. I hope you will understand why I left you, im sorry i dont have any guts to talk to you for now and i know that now you must be angry with me for leaving you like that.. Im sorry.. You do deserve better than me, well dont try to look for others now, i really want you to focus at your study and succeed in your life, and i know you want me to do that too right :') i will.. I will make you proud with my success one fine day..

So guys, if you are still in school, you should focus more on your study and trust me, Allah will always be with us, He promised that :') so when you really needed someone most, Allah is here to rescue you! :D all you need is to pray to Allah and have faith in Allah, and trust on what he had planned for us :') bak kata pepatah, jodoh tak ke mana lahh! :'D haha, okay okay that's all from me, jaga diri, jaga iman, jaga hati! ^^ fi hifzillah.. Salamun'alaikum :)

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